January 14, 2016 Erin Hall

Workplace Massage Programs: How to Convince Your Boss

When I tell people the kind of work this company provides, I can usually predict the first thing they’ll say:

“I wish my boss would do that,” they’ll say with a sigh.

For the most part, employees feel like office massage is a perk they would love to have, but they think their boss would never go for. So here’s a handy reference to help you convince your skeptical leader of the benefits of office chair massage. 

how to convince your boss to bring chair massage to the office


 How to Get Workplace Massage in the Office 


What’s Your Boss’s Problem with Office Massage?

There are a few key things that might keep a business owner from bringing chair massage into the office.

It’s not that your boss is a stingy Scrooge that doesn’t want employees to be happy. It’s much more likely that they just have some unanswered questions.

Small business owners are busy people with a thousand things on their mind at any given moment. Make it easy on them (and easier for you, in the long run) by doing some of the research yourself. Your company’s leader might be more likely to sign up for the program once all their questions are answered.


Address Their Major Concerns First

Every company is different, as is every business owner. But a few things remain consistent.

The first thing your boss might be wondering is what the benefits of chair massage even are. Why bother with office massage in the first place?

Maybe they don’t know the way corporate massage can boost employee morale, or the many ways it lowers employee stress and tension. Here’s a great resource for these kinds of questions: Benefits of Workplace Massage: Is It Really Worth It?

The next concern is usually financial. What does office massage cost? How will it fit into the budget? Is there any ROI to expect on this kind of program? 

The question of cost is usually one of the first ones we get. Here are some resources for that: Chair Massage Rates: How Much Does it Cost?

(And you can always get a quote before you talk to your boss.) 

bringing chair massage to the office


Employees Can Take Initiative

Just because the ultimate decision may fall in the hands of your boss doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. There are plenty of ways to get the ball rolling to bring chair massage to the office.

It could be as easy as one conversation with the big boss. Maybe they don’t even know it’s something their employees are interested in.

If it’s not feasible to have a conversation like that, make sure to mention office massage on any employee survey you’re given. Encourage your colleagues to do the same. Seeing the same request over and over is hard to ignore. 


Take The First Step on Workplace Massage Programs

After compiling some resources to present to your fearless leader, be prepared to be the cheerleader for the office massage program. Drum up some interest among your coworkers.

Maybe there’s a member of the management team who’s interested in being in charge of the program. Truthfully, there is not too much they’d have to manage for the program (here’s more info about that: Is Managing a Workplace Massage Program Too Much Work?)

So next time you find yourself saying “I wish my boss would bring in office chair massage” — you have some resources to get the program started.




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