August 22, 2017 Emily Russon

How to Start a Wellness Program With No Budget [video]

Does your company culture need a boost that only a wellness program could give, but there’s just no budget? Don’t worry—starting a wellness program with no budget is completely possible.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Diana Hasselfeld of Varian Medical Systems. As the Wellness Director and Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner at Varian’s worksite clinic, her job is to help her fellow employees stay healthy and engaged at work.

Creative Wellness Program Ideas in The Workplace: How to Start from Nothing

Over the past 20 years, Varian Medical Systems has grown their wellness program little by little, and Diana Hasselfeld has been there for most of it.

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As an integral part of the Environmental, Health & Safety team, Diana leads her company’s volunteer employee Wellness Committee. In this interview, Diana covers all of the ins and outs of Varian’s exceptional wellness program, how it all started, and what they’ve learned along the way.

How a company garden can change everything

As a health-centered company, Varian Medical Systems emphasizes employee wellness at every turn. Here’s what Diana says about their humble beginnings:

“We started very, very small. There was just a group of employees that would walk at lunch time together…”

That group then would work out to a video tape in the cafeteria or on a loading dock. When that wasn’t fulfilling their needs, the company decided to start a fitness center. From there, the program just grew.

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Check out the video to find out the answers to these questions:

  • Hear how Varian Medical Systems maintains a fitness center, health fairs, nutritious food, onsite medical clinic, and massage therapy in their office.
  • Learn how Varian’s employees built a fitness center from the ground up with unallocated recycling money.
  • What unique ways has this company found to encourage employee engagement and boost morale?
  • Hear the progress of their corporate garden — how did it start and what did employees think?


starting a wellness prgram  starting a wellness program

Varian Medical System’s company garden 


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