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Interactive Wellness for Today's Remote Teams

The way we work is changing,
make sure your business does too.

Incorporate Wellness provides interactive, personalized remote employee wellness benefits on a unique virtual platform. Our customized one-on-one and small group employee experiences will reduce stress, improve health and wellness, and increase employee engagement among all teams – remote or onsite.

Our wellness platform tracks stress and engagement among individual employees and across your entire company. Management has access to critical data trends, giving insight into the health and culture of the organization to prove ROI and justify employee benefits.

About Brooklyn

Real Data.
Real Game-Changer.

Want to really understand how spending is helping the people in your organization?

Use the Incorporate Wellness dashboard to gain insights, track progress, and identify the best use of budget dollars on remote employees benefits.

    • Track overall stress and wellness levels across your team
    • Recognize which services keep your team most engaged
    • Identify areas of improvement to focus on
    • Monitor engagement by departments and teams
    • Receive actionable ROI metrics to justify budget
    • Make smart decisions to improve company’s culture and happiness
Our Service

Our Customized Virtual Services

Your employees are all different. And Incorporate Wellness is built to meet their individual needs.

Our remote employee benefits are interactive and customized based on what each individual needs. That way, whether your team wants to decrease stress, improve fitness, increase mindfulness, or manage pain – they get exactly what they need when they need it.

virtual employee benefits massage instruction


Grab a tennis ball or a partner. Our massage therapists will virtually guide you through personalized massage instruction.

personal training benefits for remote employees in utah


Just because the gym’s closed doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape. Our trainers offer customized training for all fitness levels – beginner to expert.

Health nutrition coaching remote employee benefits


You are what you eat. Work with our nutrition experts to maximize your health and happiness by learning to eat a clean, whole diet.

guided meditation remote employee benefits


Focus your mind and calm your thoughts. Our meditation therapists lead you through a personalized guided meditation journey.

virtual yoga for remote employees


Feel the stress and tension melt out of your body. Flow through a private, personalized yoga session with one of our experienced yogis.

Life coaching perks for remote teams


Let our life coaches build you a personalized plan. You can destress, prioritize, organize and adapt to the challenges of working from home.

*Additional services coming soon*

Our Service

Our Clients

Incorporate Massage works with over 4,000 businesses across the U.S. We are excited to bring remote employee benefits to our clients through Incorporate Wellness to help employees become happier, healthier and more productive working at home.


Our Virtual Wellness Team

Our team of over 1200 wellness experts are experienced in providing virtual employee benefits. They hail from all over the U.S. and can blend services in their sessions to meet our clients’ individual needs. Here are just a few of our top practitioners.

Sarah Larsen

Sarah Larsen

Midway, Utah

Sarah is a talented instructor with expertise in yoga, meditation, nutrition, and massage. She teaches all forms of yoga, from relaxing yin to power yoga (even stand up paddleboard yoga!) Sarah’s passion is helping clients discover their healthiest self and reach their goals through a foolproof system to good health.

Ashley Jantzen

Ashley Jantzen

San Diego, California

Ashley has 13 years of experience providing meditative therapy, bodywork, and nutritional coaching. She knows that when we take care of our bodies they take care of us! Ashley is always exploring new ways to improve wellness for her clients — whether through advanced study in Thailand, or dance expression in her living room.

David Smowton

David Smowton

Portland, Oregon

David’s quest is to help clients reduce stress, heal trauma and connect through fitness, meditation, and bodywork. He is a certified personal trainer who loves to help his clients meet their goals. Besides his awesome workouts, he’s also a certified medical qigong practitioner, a massage therapist, and a pro paintball athlete!

Jessy Headshot edit

Jessy Blankenstein

Daybreak, UT

Jessy is a passionate yoga instructor, with over 7 years of experience leading inspiring, creative and playful yoga practices. She is also a life coach, with experience counseling clients through trauma, addiction, anger management, and body issues. When she’s not on her yoga mat, you can find her exploring outdoors with her husband and 3 sons.

Heather Gonda

Heather Keenan

Reno, Nevada

Heather completed her YogaFit training 12 years ago and has been in love ever since! Her favorite focus is Yoga for PTSD, and trauma-sensitive yoga has been a tool in her healing toolbox ever since. When not teaching yoga, Heather helps with her family’s real estate business and wins “bedhead contests” with her naturally curly hair every single morning!


Ivana Jourdon

Holladay, Utah

Ivana is an experienced massage therapist with a passion for fitness! She has taught exercise and health science classes at the college level (and was once a star collegiate athlete herself!). As a passionate runner, skier and mountain biker, Ivana’s goal is to help her clients find their passions and achieve the level of wellness necessary to enjoy them.



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