March 5, 2020 Casie Fox

Incorporate Massage Combats Coronavirus

As a national company we are being proactive in efforts to prepare our massage therapists and do our part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus!

Coronavirus  (or COVID-19) is a growing health concern in the U.S. As a hands-on business it’s important that we take preventative measures to protect the well being of our staff and clients. We’ve taken steps in order to safely continue to provide massage therapy to corporate offices in every major city in America.

massage therapist washes hands to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

If you’re receiving a massage, you can relax fullyknowing our massage therapists have been trained to take precautions to keep you safe and healthy. Each therapist is required to complete an in-depth training before they continue to provide massages. Each massage therapist will follow protocols to keep germs at bay and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our massage therapists have been trained to wash their hands thoroughly and often, per CDC standards as well as use approved products to clean their massage chairs between each participant. 

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Cleaning supplies to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

We’re making sure our therapists have everything they need to help keep you safe and healthy. Therapists have access to additional supplies, such as medical grade hand sanitizer and N95 face masks. Our massage therapists are also trained to stay home if they, or anyone in their household, is exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness. Incorporate Massage therapists are trained to identify a person that might be affected by a respiratory illness. For everyone’s safety, our therapists won’t provide massages to anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

Working in corporate wellness, obviously the health of our clients and therapists is one of our top priorities. We will continue to stay informed as this health issue develops, and make adjustments to keep you and your team safe. So you can continue to enjoy your massages worry-free! 

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