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Corporate Wellness Program Ideas for the Future

Over the last 50 years, the typical office setting has drastically changed. And it’s not just the progression from typewriters to hand-held computers that’s created a different landscape.

We’ve started focusing on the health and happiness of employees as a key part of a successful business.

So companies are always on the lookout for new corporate wellness program ideas. Here are 3 growing trends in workplace wellness you should know about.

Corporate Wellness Program Ideas: 3 Growing Trends


Corporate wellness has changed a lot over the years — if we were to go back in time about fifty years and visit the typical office, we’d be amazed.

While daily commutes and typical office activities haven’t changed drastically, health habits have. 

Thankfully we’ve wised up since the good old days of huge unhealthy breakfasts, martini lunch meetings, no exercise, and those “good for you” cigarettes all throughout the day. These days our homes and offices are healthier than ever.

But the office of tomorrow is getting even healthier thanks to some growing trends.


corporate wellness program ideas


1. Treadmill Desks: Productive and Profitable Walking

Okay, they may look weird but make no mistake—treadmill desks are on the rise. That’s because Americans are starting to see the deadly toll that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can take over a 40-year career. High blood pressure, weak bones, and cardiovascular disease are just a few maladies that come from lives that are increasingly immobile.

Treadmill desks fix many problems at once — they build in time for employees to workout, and they keep them productive while they do it. Not to mention that exercise in general will make employees more clear-headed, healthier, and more energized — all of which lead to more productivity and engagement at work.

Maybe there’s not room in your office (or budget) for everyone to have a treadmill desk, but placing just one in the office will make a big impact — employees who are interested in it can rotate use of the treadmill on a daily basis.

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corporate wellness program ideas


2. Cubicle Yoga: Building a Strong Body and a Strong Team 

The health benefits behind yoga are well documented. Yoga doesn’t just improve posture and flexibility, it promotes better breathing and a better outlook on life.

Regular yoga practice has been shown to increase energy, mindfulness, and overall satisfaction with life. Companies are jumping on the trend, offering yoga sessions during lunch hours or after work.

An in-office yoga program can keep healthcare costs low while giving your employees an activity they may already love doing. Local yoga schools may be able to provide your company with low-cost or no-cost yoga-instructors-to-be.


corporate wellness program ideas


3. Office-Wide Races: Running for Cash, Running for Glory 

Fun runs are continuing to prove that they’re not a fad. Every big city has dozens of runs each month, especially in the spring and summer. Each has their own creative theme or cause, some cost a hefty fee while others are free.

The concept is simple: coworkers form teams and then compete over the weekend for office incentives.

Fun runs don’t just create healthier a healthier office; they promote workplace bonding as well. Consider creating teams from across departments to give employees and opportunity to get to know coworkers they may not work with often.

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