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Employee vs. Contractor: How California’s Contractor Laws May Impact Your Corporate Massage Program

California employers in the gig economy are scrambling to ensure they’re in compliance with the law as new scrutiny is being given to worker misclassifications.

For corporate massage providers that hire massage therapists to provide on-site massage services, this means taking a careful look at how they classify their massage therapists or risk paying hefty fines.

But what does this mean for clients who receive these corporate massage services?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s happening in California and what it will mean for companies that hire an office massage service.

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Massage for NonProfits: How to Find a Massage Sponsor for Your Charity Event

We get it. In the game of marketing a nonprofit or charity, the key is exposure and memorability. There’s countless worthy causes in the world, but you need to be seen as the very best and remembered in the future. When it comes to planning a marketing event, it can be tricky to be both noticed by passersby AND stick in their minds afterward. You need more than free pizza (which may draw them in but won’t keep their attention) or t-shirts (which may be worn for months afterward, but may not be alluring to a lot of people).

What you need is chair massage! Whether you’re fundraising or just raising awareness for your cause, chair massage is an excellent way to give your audience a few minutes of relaxation that they won’t soon forget!

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How to Simplify Company-Wide Benefits: Massage at Multiple Locations

Thinking about adding massage as a company-wide perk? Your employees will love you for it!

If you’ve got multiple offices and want to offer massage at each of them, this may seem like a daunting task.

Luckily for you, we’ve got teams of massage therapists all across the US and we’re experts in coordinating massage at multiple locations.

In this article, we’ll show you why hiring one massage company to take care of all of your offices makes it easier on you, and gives you a standard benefit at all your locations.

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What to Expect at a Chair Massage Event

You’ve had a busy day. Your neck is aching, your shoulders are hunched, and you’re just generally tense. You’re in luck, though! Today, your office is bringing in massage therapists and you’re the lucky recipient!

If this is your first time receiving a massage in the office, you may have a few questions about how it all works.

Office chair massage events are a little different from a typical spa massage.

In this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about what to expect from massage at work.

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Employee Appreciation: Massage at Work vs. Spa Gift Cards

Whether you’re celebrating nurses week or the holidays, using massage as an employee appreciation gift is a great idea.

Not only will your employees love it, but you’ll see benefits too as they’ll be happier, healthier, and more productive.

There are two ways to go about treating your staff to a day of massage. Traditionally, you would probably just purchase a gift card to a spa for the employee to use for a massage. Today, there’s a better way. You can bring massage right to your office.

In this article, we’ll break down when you might want to use a spa gift card and when office massage is the best idea.

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4 Keys for Smooth Corporate Chair Massage Event Scheduling

When booking a chair massage event for your team, scheduling the individual sessions correctly is critical.

If employees miss out on massages due to poor scheduling, it can leave them frustrated and have a negative impact on morale.

For example, if you are paying to have 5 massage therapists to provide exactly 100 fifteen minute massages for your office, you need to know exactly how those massages are scheduled so your money is well-spent and the event is effective.

This How-To guide will help you schedule things perfectly so your employees will feel happy and appreciated, and you won’t have to worry.

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What is Office Massage?

If you’re looking for a basic overview of workplace massage, you’ve come to the right place.

Every day, more companies are turning to office massage as an answer to many of their problems. So we’d like to give a quick review of office massage.

In this article, we’ll cover what corporate massage is, why do it, and how to get started.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published February 2016. It has been updated for accuracy.

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Guide to Introducing Employees to Your Office Massage Program

We get it. Every time you bring a new employee on to your team, there’s a lot to cover during the onboarding process. It’s important to cover every aspect of the job and your company, and to cover each topic thoroughly.

As soon as your new employee hears that they’ll receive regular massage through your office massage program, they’ll be excited to get started! For the smoothest possible transition, you’ll want to make sure that your employees fully understand how to use the massage program.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to introduce your office massage program to new hires and what kind of material to cover.


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A Successful Culture Celebrates Failure: Video Lesson

I recently spoke with Tamara Lilian, Manager of Culture & Experience at HubSpot, a global sales and marketing platform. In her role at Hubspot, Tamara manages events and programs both internally and externally.

During our conversation, Tamara shared with me how Hubspot’s culture is driven by, among other things, the company’s dedication to transparency and employee education.

Watch the video interview here:

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How Far in Advance Should Office Massages Be Scheduled?

Office massage programs are regularly scheduled massage times that lets your employees get all the benefits of corporate massage. Since they’re on a set schedule, such as every day or every week, your employees know when their massages are coming.

But before that magical day of massage happens, your employees will need to get each of their appointment times on your company’s massage schedule.

So how does corporate massage scheduling work?

In this article, we’ll cover 4 different ways some companies have set up their massage schedule availability.


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