August 30, 2019 Emily Russon

12 Ideas to Make Your Next Health Fair Successful

Are you trying to put together a list of vendors for your upcoming health fair? Having the right people to present information on the right topics is essential to a successful health fair event.

In this article, we’ll give you 12 ideas of different topics to cover at your next health fair.


12 Health Fair Vendor Ideas

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1. Desk Ergonomics

Simple changes to the arrangement of equipment can increase productivity and decrease the pain caused by poor posture.

Set up a display and have someone demonstrate proper posture, the right chair and screen height, as well as other factors of desk ergonomics.

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2. Health Screenings

Consider offering free health evaluations, like simple eye exams, blood pressure readings, BMI calculations, or hearing tests. Simple tests like these can give employees warning to potential problems they may have never noticed.

3. Flu Shots

Offering free or discounted flu shots can be an easy and convenient way to help your employees avoid becoming sick during the winter months.  The flu will have a harder time spreading throughout your workplace if a large majority of employees have received a flu shot.

4. Home Health

Displaying a variety of home health items can remind fair-goers of things they should have in their home that they may have forgotten about.

The display items can even be used as a giveaway prize at the end of the fair. Items could include band aids, some over the counter medications, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, pain relief creams and first aid essentials.

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health fair vendor ideas

5. Mental Health Support

Invite a mental health professional to do screenings or to talk about different ways to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Mental health problems can impact every aspect of total health, so teaching employees how to handle those negative emotions can make a big difference.

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6. Nutrition

You can use nutrition as an easy way to get your employees through the doors at your health fair.

Everyone loves delicious food. Offer healthy refreshments, like fruits and veggies or even a salad bar. Bring in a healthy cooking demonstration, or let employees sample healthy smoothie options.

7. Physical Fitness

Invite a local gym to do a fun aerobics demonstration and show attendees how fun a workout can be. Employees can sign up for gym memberships, personal training sessions, or classes at the gym.

8. First Aid

It’s always helpful to have a refresher in CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver and other life-saving techniques.

Invite the American Red Cross to do hands-on demonstrations. You may also want to consider working with the Red Cross to allow employees to sign up for in-depth certifications or trainings.


health fair vendor ideas

9. Gardening

Scientific evidence suggests there are health benefits for those who garden, beyond just eating the healthy food you’ve grown. Gardening has been proven to relieve stress and improve your immune system.

Encourage employees to begin growing a small garden by providing paper cups, dirt, and herb and vegetable seeds. Once the seeds begin to grow, they can be transplanted into a bigger pot. 

10. Foot Health

Bring in a podiatrist to talk about the importance of wearing the right shoes for both working out and everyday use. Comfortable shoes can reduce injury and prevent foot pain.

11. Company Health Initiative

A health fair is a great place to launch a new company health initiative and gather sign-ups for it. Fit-bit programs, company softball leagues, or weight loss challenges are all great ways to build team unity and to promote a healthy lifestyle among your employees.

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12. Massage

Massage is a great way to make an immediate difference in your employees lives.

Even a short chair massage can have an impact. Plus, an on site chair massage is a great way to boost attendance at your fair.

This article was originally published in 2016. It has been updated for completeness and accuracy.

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